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Voralpen Express Lake Zurich

Voralpen-Express offers

The Voralpen-Express – a picturesque journey through the heart of Switzerland. Our Switzerland travel specialists’ extensive knowledge enables you to enjoy unforgettable moments along the route from Lucerne to St. Gallen. Your package includes train tickets and comfortable hotel accommodation. The route and duration can be customised according to your preferences.

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Voralpen Express map

The Voralpen-Express Route

The line links the cities of Lucerne and St. Gallen, travelling through a variety of scenic landscapes and via historic sites. In Rapperswil, the modern train crosses the historic Seedamm causeway and bridge at the narrowest part of Lake Zurich.

Voralpen-Express in Steinerberg, Ostschweiz

Highlights of the Voralpen-Express Route

In addition to the historical cities of Lucerne and St. Gallen, the journey offers further highlights, including:

  • Rapperswil: a charming town on Lake Zurich, famous for its castle and beautiful old town.
  • Breathtaking views of the water and surrounding mountains from along the shores of Lake Zurich.
  • The picturesque Appenzellerland, a region known for its traditional culture, hilly landscape and famous cheese.


Timetable valid from 09.12.2023 - 14.12.2024

Lucerne 07:39 19:39
St. Gallen 09:55 21:55
St. Gallen 07:05 19:05
Lucerne 09:21 21:21

The Voralpen-Express runs hourly throughout the year.

Further connections can be found on the website of the Voralpen-Express

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Is a seat reservation required?

Seat reservations are not required for the Voralpen-Express, as it is a regular regional train with free seating. This means that you are welcome to take any available seat in your relevant travel class.

What is the best time of year to travel on the Voralpen-Express?

Each season has a unique appeal, therefore the best time of year to travel on the Voralpen-Express depends on your personal preferences:

  • Spring (March to May): Experience nature in bloom and the countryside awakening. Temperatures are pleasant and the landscape turns a vibrant green.
  • Summer  (June to August): Enjoy long, warm days. This season offers perfect conditions for hiking and outdoor activities in the surrounding nature.
  • Autumn (September to November): Marvel at the stunning colours as the leaves change. Temperatures are cooler but still pleasant. 
  • Winter (December to February): Wonder at the snow-covered landscapes and the quiet frosty atmosphere of the region. The perfect opportunity for beautiful winter landscape photography, despite the shorter days.

Each season has its own charm, so the choice depends on whether you prefer spring blooms, warm summer weather, autumnal colours or wintry scenery.

Is the Voralpen-Express wheelchair accessible?

Customisable journey

Our holidays can easily be tailored to your own preferences.

Customisable journey

Our holidays can easily be tailored to your own preferences.