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Anreise mit der Bahn der SBB

Arrival by train

The arrival of the train is comfortable and easy. On most international trains you can eat in the dining car or bistro. So the Swiss holidays will certainly start relaxed.
Unterwegs mit dem Tesla auf der E-Grand Tour of Switzerland

Arrival by car

The roads in Switzerland are well developed and easily accessible from international railways.

Please note, however, that you need a vignette to use the motorway. This is valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year (printed on the vignette).

SWISS International Airlines

Arrival by plane

Many airlines land in Zurich, Basel Geneva or Bern Belp. SWISS is the airline of Switzerland and the preferred choice for flights to Switzerland.
Mit dem Flixbus in die Schweiz

Arrival by bus

With the long-distance buses you can travel cheaply, comfortably and environmentally friendly to Switzerland. You can choose between the Flixbus and the IC Bus.