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What awaits you in spring

1st of March is the beginning of the spring season. Nature awakens from its winter sleep, the warmth returns and the sun shines. The flower fields are in full bloom again, the birds are chirping, the days are getting longer and the feeling of a new beginning comes up.

Spring offers an incredible number of activities. Like a bike tour through Baselland on the Chriesiroute, from Liestal to Laufen. Or the Parc der Unabhängigkeit in Morges. Where 120,000 different tulips take your breath away. But a visit to the Brissago Islands in Ticino, where the climate is mild, is also a popular spring activity. As well as a ride on the Glacier express, between Zermatt and St.Moritz, which takes you through 2 seasons at the same time with breathtaking views.

The weather in spring is typical, sunny but windy. Temperatures rise slowly and the warm air returns. Spring lasts exactly 3 months, and summer officially begins on 20 June. More information at MeteoSwiss.

Tip from us: windbreakers and sunglasses are a must in spring, no matter where you go.


What awaits you in summer

With the end of the spring season, summer begins on 21.06. It will once again be an everyday occurrence to be woken up in the morning by sunshine and birdsong. Having breakfast outside becomes a highlight of the morning again. The freezer is stuffed with ice cream and the shade under the tree becomes our favourite spot.

Summer is the favourite season of many. No wonder, because the list of activities in summer is large. Whether it's a hike in the Bernese Oberland followed by an ice cream treat on Lake Thun, a boat trip on Lake Zurich to Ufenau Island, a dip in the cold Lake Cauma in Flims or a canoe trip in the waters of Ticino.

The weather is mostly sunny, few summer thunderstorms and very hot. With the end of summer time on 23.09, autumn will soon set in. More information at MeteoSwiss.

Tip from us: Sunscreen is the be-all and end-all in summer, as well as swimming costumes and plenty of water.

What awaits you in autumn

When the swimming pools close, the smell of chestnuts is in the air, it gets cooler outside and cosy inside. The fog becomes part of everyday life, the colourful leaves spread everywhere and the days become shorter, you know autumn is here.

Even when the temperatures drop, the list of things to do is no smaller than in the other seasons. If you like to enjoy nature, you should definitely go to the forest. With a little research, you can pick mushrooms and then conjure up a delicious autumn dish from them. But also the chestnuts in the forests of Ticino are waiting to be collected. As it is often windy in autumn, kite flying is a popular autumn activity for young and old. A great highlight is also the Jucker Farm, which offers great deals during the pumpkin season.

In autumn it gets cooler again, but the temperatures are mild. Fog is part of everyday life and the sun peeks in from time to time. More information at MeteoSwiss.


What awaits you in winter

The winter months are cold outside but incredibly cosy and homely at home. You're happy about little things, like when you finally come back into the warmth of your room. Or about the Christmas markets, the smell of freshly baked biscuits or the turn of the year. 

Winter offers much more than just skiing. For example, if you like hiking, you should go on a winter hike on the Laucheneralp and enjoy the snow-covered nature. But you can also savour winter over a fondue in the igloo in Adelboden, and a visit to the Murten Light Festival won't do any harm. The many Christmas markets invite you to enjoy a mulled wine after work, and the free weekends can be spent on the ski slopes in Riederalp or on speedy toboggan runs.

In winter, expect snow and a few rays of sunshine. There is no bad weather only bad clothes. More information at MeteoSwiss.

Tip from us: dress warmly and drink mulled wine