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Book a stay in an exclusive 4- or 5-star hotel in Switzerland and earn bonus miles on every booking. Collect miles for a stay of one night in a 5-star hotel of Swiss Deluxe Hotels. For a 4-star hotel of Swiss Hospitality Collection, you receive 1 mile per Swiss franc spent, too.

Gotthard Bergstrecke

Round trips

Choose the right offer from more than 20 variations of the most famous alpine routes: Glacier Express, Bernina Express, GoldenPass Line, Gotthard Panorama Express or Voralpen Express. 

For booking a panoramic trip via Switzerland Travel Centre you receive 1 mile per CHF booked.


  • Miles are credited for all scenic rail packages booked online on or for online bookings on the dedicated Miles & More hotel booking platform from Switzerland Travel Centre or directly on one of the two partner sites or

  • When booking your panoramic trip online, please provide your Miles & More service card number in the input mask of your personal data.

  • Miles can be credited exclusively to the holder of the Miles & More service card, if the trip is booked under the card holders name.

  • For time-limited mileage promotions, the date of your stay (date of departure for panoramic trip and check-in date for hotel stay) is relevant and not the booking date.

  • The miles to be credited are based on the total price of the booked scenic rail package according to the booking confirmation at the time of departure. On-site booked services or extension do not qualify for additional miles.

  • No miles will be credited for cancellations or cancellations.

  • Outside special promotion, you receive 1 mile per CHF booked.