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Welcome to Switzerland Travel Centre!
You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone on +44 207 420 4900.

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Switzerland Travel Centre believe that travel trade partners, selling the best holidays to and in Switzerland, deserve support from everyone in the supply chain. We work with a wide range of global travel partners to ensure that this is the case and together, we are achieving great things.

As the official tour operator for Switzerland, it is essential to us that each of our partners helps us to create outstanding holidays and that all visitors to the country go on to be long term advocates for Switzerland.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that they meet our standards for responsible tourism and sustainability and we encourage them to share our values of respect and responsibility, delivering only the best experience of travelling in Switzerland to our customers.

Clemens Bartlome General Manager STC UK

Payment Policy for FIT, B2B and Group Partners


Please see your Terms and Conditions (GTC) at bottom of website.




  • Full payment due last working day of the month prior to departure.
  • No further travel documents are issued without full payment received on the last working day of the month.


Group Travel

All Group Bookings

  • Full payment due 2 weeks before travel due date on
  • No further travel documents are issued without full payment.

Optional Excursions

  • Full payment due 2 weeks after the return of Group



B2B – Tour Operators

  • Prepay invoice – receive tickets


B2B – Tour Operators – Exceptions – Major Clients

  • Credit Limit for each client agreed in advance


STC provides great services to make sure you can sell at a glance.

STC contracted hotels
Self services hotel engine Commission
Providing additional information about hotels not covered on the hotel engine (example: size of the shower)
Not STC contracted hotels 80£/h
Information about not STC contracted hotels (example: Playgrounds avalability) 100£/h
2. Excursions
STC contracted excursions
Not STC contracted excursions Nettopreis, 10% für uns und diese 10% müssen mind CHF 10.-/Pax sein.
Research and booking 100£/h and commision sames as for contracted excursions (see above)
3. Destination
Information about destination other then on our website avaliable 50£/h
4. Packages
Adaption of existing STC packages (example: other excursions, days etc.) if final bookings are less then 20 (otherwise free) £500
5. Pictures
Photo search and send via link 10£ per photo excl. licence etc.
6. Text check
Check if text in brochure/website etc. is accurate 80£/h
7. Railtickets
Booking railtickets and reservations Commission and fees
8. Trainings
Team Trainings for established partners free
Workshops free
Fam Trips for selected partners Travel to Switzerland only

Workshops and Trainings

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We regularly host online seminars including sales and product updates, and new selling opportunities to and in Switzerland.


Health and Safety FAQ


Does the service you provide and the service of all your agents, suppliers and servants (including all vehicles, machinery and equipment) comply with all regulations and standards applicable to your jurisdiction, including those related to Covid-19?


Do you check that your agents, suppliers and servants comply with all regulations and standards applicable to their jurisdiction?


If you supply drivers, do you conduct checks and training to ensure that they are properly qualified for their employment?


Is there a formal procedure in place for recording and reporting complaints and accidents?


Will you send your B2B partner copies of all recorded documents of complaints and accidents involving customers from the partner?


Have any legal claims been made against you in the last year brought by customers/tour operators using your services?


Do you hold adequate public liability insurance cover with a reputable insurance provider?


Data Protection

Where we receive customers’ personal data from the partner company we ensure that we fully comply with local data protection legislation and only process the data to fulfil our obligations under the contract. We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all our partners, contractors and agents comply with this clause where they are processing customers’ personal data on our behalf.