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Welcome to Switzerland Travel Centre!
You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone on +44 207 420 4900.

Before the trip

What are the entry regulations to Switzerland? 

The special regulations for entering Switzerland have largely been lifted. 

For more details, please click here: 


What payment options do I have? 

Switzerland Travel Centre accepts MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover and JCB as paying methods.  


How do I book online? 

To place an online booking, simply select your desired offer and press "Book online". Then select your preferred travel period, the number of people and the desired hotel conditions. In a further step, additional services can be added. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone during our opening hours. 


Where can I get personal advice and answers to vacation inquiries before booking? 

You are welcome to contact us by E-Mail [email protected] or by phone on +44 207 420 4900. 

Is it possible to book more than one room at the same time? 

Unfortunately, not at the moment. One booking must be made per room. However, for assistance in this regard, we are at your disposal by phone or e-mail. 


Are the displayed prices per person? 

The shown from-prices are per person with 2nd class rail travel in low season and without any additional services.   


I have limited mobility. How do I proceed? 

We will gladly take your reservation request by [email protected] or by phone on +44 207 420 4900. Click here for more information on barrier-free train travel. 


How do I receive my travel documents? 

Depending on the trip, you will receive the travel documents by mail or by e-mail. The documents will be sent 10 days before departure.   


I made a payment and did not receive any travel documents. What can I do? 

In certain cases it can happen that the e-mail containing the travel documents has ended up in your spam or junk folder. Unfortunately, due to high demand, it may also happen that the documents are sent at short notice. We thank you for your patience. 

If you have not received your travel documents 14 days before departure, please contact us by phone +44 207 420 4900 or by mail [email protected].     


Is the transfer from the train station to the hotel included in my trip? 

In general, the transfer is not included. However, many hotels in Zermatt and St. Moritz offer their own transfer service. For more information, please contact the respective hotels. 


Is the transfer from the airport to the starting point of my tour included in the total price? 

All train journeys include the first day's journey from the Swiss border, the airport or your home in Switzerland to the starting point of the journey. This also applies to the return trip on the last day. For more details, please consult your travel program. 


How early in advance can a seat reservation be made? 

Seat reservations on board the panoramic trains may be made by us no earlier than 3 months in advance. Travel bookings can nevertheless be made further in advance. 


Is a seat reservation mandatory? 

Seat reservations are mandatory on all panorama trains, except on the Lucerne-Interlaken Express, the GoldenPass Line, the Centovalli Railway and the Voralpen Express. 


How do I declare additional services, allergies, vegetarian & vegan food, or an upgrade for the train or hotel? 

Please inform us of any wishes as soon as possible by telephone or per e-mail. In addition, you have the possibility to provide us with additional information and wishes in the comments field (before completing the booking).   


Is it possible to make any changes in my booking? 

Please contact us if you wish to make any changes to your booking.   


Are dogs allowed on the panorama trains?  

Dogs are allowed on all panorama trains except the Glacier Express. 


Will I automatically be covered by travel cancellation insurance?   

For an all-round carefree experience, we recommend the FLEX OPTION package. This can be added at the end of the booking process for CHF 49 per person additionally. You can find more detailed information here. 


How do I rent a car in Switzerland?   

You can book the car during the booking process of a Grand Tour of Switzerland trip. If you wish, we can also send you a personal offer. Just get in touch with us. 

During the trip

Where can I find the departure times of the trains? 

You will find the departure times of the panorama trains in your travel documents. 

You can also find the timetables for normal trains in the SBB App (Swiss Federal Railways) or on Simply enter your departure and destination (station or address). The online timetable will then show you the best travel options and times, regardless of whether the journey is by train, bus, boat, tram or mountain railway. The online timetable shows all means of transport of all transport companies. In Switzerland, all timetables are optimally coordinated. So the ship or bus is already waiting for you when you arrive at the station.  

Open the online timetable: 


How do I get informed if there are changes in my train timetable? 

Keep yourself informed with the SBB app or on their website. Changes are generally rather rare and can occur at short notice, a new route will be proposed. 


What happens if I miss my (connecting) train? 

In Switzerland, you always have a connection. Unless you miss the last night connection, you can simply hop on the next train. There is usually a connection within 30 minutes. However, this does not apply to the panorama trains, as many of them only have one connection during the day.  

Our tickets are not train-bound (only the seat reservation on the panoramic train is). This means that even if you miss your connection, the ticket remains valid. You can simply take the next train. 


Are the trains and buses equipped with air conditioning? 

Yes, most trains, buses, trams and ships in Switzerland are air-conditioned in summer. 


Is there WiFi on the trains? 

Unfortunately, trains in Switzerland do not offer WiFi.   

However, you have free internet access at around 80 SBB railway stations nationwide. Simply register and surf for free for 60 minutes. 


How safe is it to travel on public transport in Switzerland? 

The means of transport in Switzerland are generally very safe. Security personnel are also regularly on the move in public transport to ensure the safety of passengers and to mark their presence. Criminal offences on public transport are generally kept to a minimum. The most common offence is fare evasion. Nevertheless, the usual precautionary measures against petty crime should be observed.  

For safe travel in Switzerland: 


Where can I leave my luggage when I go on an excursion?   

Lockers are available at all major Swiss railway stations. The price for 24 hours varies from CHF 4 to 9 depending on the size. 


What are the emergency telephone numbers in Switzerland? 

The emergency numbers are:   

117. Police emergency number. 

118. Fire Department. 

144. Ambulance. 

After the trip

Who should I contact if I forget something on the train? 

Please contact the SBB helpdesk or the helpdesk of the specific railway provider of the private panorama trains. 


Who do I contact in the event of a complaint? 

We are happy to receive your feedback or general suggestions at [email protected]

Glacier Express

Is the Glacier Express wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Glacier Express has wheelchair space and a first-class barrier-free toilet.


Does the Glacier Express operate all year round?

No, please check the offer and the timetable.


Where can I find the Glacier Express timetable?

You can find the Glacier Express timetable here.


On which route does the Glacier Express run?

The Glacier Express runs between St. Moritz/Davos* and Zermatt.

*With change in Filisur


How are the seats arranged?

Click here for the seating arrangement of the Glacier Express

Bernina Express

Is the Bernina Express wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Bernina Express has wheelchair spaces. There is an accessible toilet in 1st class. The Bernina Express Bus offers a wheelchair lift and space. Please note that there is no barrier-free toilet.


Does the Bernina Express run all year round?

Yes, except for the Bernina Express Bus.


Where can I find the Bernina Express timetable?

You can find the Bernina Express timetable here.


Where does the Bernina Express run?

The Bernina Express runs between Chur/Davos* and Lugano.

*Change in Filisur


Can I see where I will be sitting on the Bernina Express?

Here is the seating plan for the Bernina Express.

GoldenPass Line

What is the difference between the GoldenPass Classic and the GoldenPass Panoramic?

The GoldenPass Classic is an old-fashioned nostalgic train with a wooden interior. The GoldenPass Panoramic however, is a modern train with large panoramic windows.


Is the GoldenPass wheelchair accessible?

The train which runs between Lucerne and Interlaken Ost offers wheelchair access and barrier-free toilets. A regional train, which runs along the route Interlaken Ost and Zweisimmen does not offer any access. The GoldenPass Panoramic on the route Zweisimmen to Montreux offers wheelchair spaces. The GoldenPass Classic does not offer any wheelchair spaces.


Does the GoldenPass run all year round?

Yes, the GoldenPass runs all year round. Please note that buses might be in service due to construction works.


Where can I find the GoldenPass timetable?

You can find the GoldenPass timetable here.


Where does the GoldenPass run?

Zentralbahn trains are in service on the section between Lucerne and Interlaken.

Regional trains will take you from Interlaken Ost to Zweisimmen. The GoldenPass runs between Zweisimmen and Montreux.

Gotthard Panorama Express

Is the Gotthard Panorama Express wheelchair accessible?

The Gotthard Panorama Express is not wheelchair accessible. Our Travel Consultants can organise mobility assistance to help you to board and disembark.


Does the Gotthard Panorama Express run all year round? 

No, please check the offer and the timetable.


Where can I find the Gotthard Panorama Express timetable?

You can find the Gotthard Panorama Express timetable here.


Where does the Gotthard Panorama Express run?

The Gotthard Panorama Express runs between Lucerne and Lugano.

A boat will take you from Lucerne to Flüelen. The train journey continues by train to Lugano.

Voralpen Express

Am I entitled to a free upgrade on the Voralpen-Express?

A free upgrade can be issued together with a seat reservation, if booked in advance.


Is the Voralpen-Express wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Voralpen Express has one wheelchair space.


Does the Voralpen-Express run all year round?

Yes, the Voralpen-Express runs all year round.


Where can I find the Voralpen-Express timetable?

You can find the Voralpen-Express timetable here.


Where does the Voralpen-Express run?

The Voralpen-Express runs between St. Gallen and Lucerne.

Centovalli Bahn

Is the Centovalli-Bahn wheelchair accessible?

The train doorways are not wheelchair accessible. Our Travel Consultants can organise mobility assistance to help you to board and disembark.


Does the Centovalli-Bahn run all year round? 

Yes, the Centovalli-Bahn runs all year round.


Where can I find the Centovalli-Bahn timetable?

You can find the Centovalli-Bahn timetable here.


Where does the Centovalli-Bahn run?

The Centovalli-Bahn runs between Locarno and Domodossola. Please note that a surcharge of CHF 2.00 appears for the panoramic train.

Furka Dampfbahn

Is the Furka-Dampfbahn wheelchair accessible?

Our Travel Consultants will clarify if the transport is possible.


Does the Furka-Dampbahn run all year round?

No, please check the offer and the timetable.


Where can I find the Furka-Dampfbahn timetable?

You can find the Furka-Dampfbahn timetable here.


Where does the Furka-Dampbahn run?

The Furka-Dampbahn runs between Realp and Oberwald.

Palm Express

Is the Palm Express wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the Palm Express is not wheelchair accessible. Our Travel Consultants can organise mobility assistance to help you to board and disembark.


Does the Palm-Express run all year round?

From St. Moritz to Lugano every Friday - Sunday, and daily between June and October. The same applies for the reverse journey.


Where can I find the Palm-Express timetable?

You can find the Palm-Express timetable here.


Where does the Palm Express run?

The Palm Express runs between St. Moritz and Lugano.