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Reiseroute Gotthard Panorama Express & Bernina Express


  • Experience Swiss history
  • Steamboat rides on Lake Lucerne
  • Trip over the historic Gotthard route
  • Mediterranean flair in Lugano
  • Chur - the oldest city in Switzerland
Nadja Meier

«Lucerne is not only a city but also a lake and mountains, this combination makes Lucerne a unique city.»

Nadja - Our Switzerland expert

Good to know

  • Free 1st class upgrade in the Bernina Express (subject to availability, travel date 01.10. - 30.11.2019)
  • Travel documents are sent by post
  • Trip can also be booked in reverse
  • Additional overnight stays in Chur and Luganohbar
  • 01.10. - 30.11.2019: Free upgrade to 1st class in the Bernina Express panoramic carriages, subject to availability


Gotthard Panorama Express

Luzern (departure) Flüelen (arrival)
1.12 13.55
Flüelen (departure) Lugano (arrival)
14.10 16.38

Lugano - Lucerne

Lugano (departure) Flüelen (arrival) Flüelen (departure) Luzern (arrival)
09.22 11.49 12.00 14.47

The Gotthard Panorama Express operates from Tuesday to Sunday.

Bernina Express

Lugano (departure) Tirano (arrival) Tirano (departure) Chur (arriva)
10.00 13.00 14.25 16.19
Chur (departure) Tirano (arrival) Tirano (departure) Lugano (arrival)
09.39 12.00 14.20 17.30

Seat reservations: seat reservation on the Bernina Express is mandatory


  • Rail journey from your starting point in Switzerland and back
  • Overnight stay incl. breakfast in Lugano and Chur
  • Seat reservation on Gotthard Panorama Express, Bernina Express train and bus
  • From price applies per person in a 3-star double room, 2nd class, basic half-fare card
  • Exclusive one-time booking fee of CHF 25.-
  • Booking period: all year round
  • Travel period: 22.04. - 20.10.2019
  • Price example calculated on 01.01.2019 for 18.10.2019