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Goumois le Theusseret in the Jura in Autumn.


  • Nature Park Doubs
  • Picturesque and wild gorges
  • Saut du Doubs
  • Doubs trouts
  • St. Ursanne

Day 1

Arrival in Les Brenets | Les Brenets – Maison Biaufond

Luggage drop-off in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and by bus and train to Les Brenets. Picturesque and wild gorges open up here. You could almost call them fjords. The rocks cut by nature have the shape of a human face and the head of a legendary monster. The path leads to the Saut du Doubs, a spectacular 27 m high waterfall. 

Details: approx. 19 km ↑ 540 m ↓ 800 m
Duration: approx. 5 h

Les Brenets im Naturpark Doubs

Day 2

Maison Biaufond – Goumois

It is hard to imagine how much industry (glaziers, sawmills, mills) there was on the Doubs 200 years ago. Today, only a few traces of the intensive industrial activity are still visible, for example in Le Theusseret just before Goumois, the finish of the second stage.  

Details: approx. 21 km ↑ 540 m ↓ 660 m
Duration: approx. 5.5 h

Mühle im Naturpark Doubs

Day 6

Goumois – Soubey

On the way you often meet fishermen. The Doubs has a unique fish stock, including the real Doubs trout with its black stripes, barbel, grayling, pike and of course the rare apron, also called Roi du Doubs.  

Details: approx. 13 km ↑ 200 m ↓ 220 m
Duration: approx. 3.5 h

Wanderferien Au fil du Doubs.

Day 4

Soubey – St-Ursanne | Departure

Just before St. Ursanne, the Doubs makes a sharp 180-degree turn, as if it didn't know where to go. Perhaps the radical change of direction is the reason why the Romans called the meandering river Doubs. The word comes from the Latin "dubitus", the hesitant, doubting. After arrival in St. Ursanne individual departure.

Details: approx. 15 km ↑ 200 m ↓ 240 m
Duration: approx. 4 h

Doubs St. Ursanne
Map Au fils du doubs 2022

Tour characteristic

An easy hike without major differences in altitude. In humid conditions the paths can be a bit slippery, otherwise it is a perfect pleasure hike.

The Au fil du Doubs hike with SwitzerlandMobility

Further information:


  • 3 nights accommodation incl. breakfast
  • Daily luggage transfers from hotel to hotel
  • Cost of luggage pick-up at the train station
  • Boat trip on the Lac des Brenets to the Saut du Doubs
  • Well-prepared route guide
  • Travel documents (1 x per room) including SwitzerlandMobility Plus subscription
  • Service hotline

Good to know

  • If you arrive in Les Brenets without an overnight stay, you must return your suitcase to the luggage counter in La-Chaux-de-Fonds by 10:00 a.m. at the latest.
  • If you are departing without an extra night in St. Ursanne, your luggage will be returned to the luggage counter by 17:00 at the latest.
  • Additional nights in Les Brenets and St. Ursanne can be booked.
  • Visitor's tax, if due, not included in the tour price
  • Bookings can be accepted up to 5 working days before arrival (express fee CHF 50.00 for 5 working days before arrival).
  • Execution of the tour: local cooperation partner

Travel documents

  • We provide you with all documents for your trip digitally
  • Luggage tags are usually left for you at the arrival hotel
  • On the road, you can easily find your way around using the SwitzerlandMobility app and other freely accessible aids. Background information and all other documents are delivered electronically and can be downloaded to your mobile phone in advance.