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Welcome to Switzerland Travel Centre!
You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or by phone on +41 43 210 55 00.

General questions

Are tickets available as [email protected] tickets?

The Swiss Half Fare Card, Swiss Travel Pass as well as the Swiss Travel Pass Flex and the Family Card are available as electronic [email protected] tickets. All mountain excursions are only available as [email protected] ticket / eTicket.

Who is eligible to purchase a Swiss Travel System Pass or Ticket?

Swiss Travel System passes and tickets are available to anyone who is resident outside Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Are the tickets refundable?

In the case of loss or theft, it is not possible to refund tickets. Please contact us directly if you are unable to travel due to sickness or accident or if you would like to exchange your paper Swiss Travel System pass or ticket. An exchange is only possible before the date of departure and within working hours. Please note our opening hours if trying to contact us.

For all new bookings: free cancellation until 4 working days before the first day of validity.

What is the Swiss Travel Pass?

How long is a Swiss Travel Pass valid for?
The Swiss Travel Pass is valid for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days in 1st or 2nd class.

Where is the Swiss Travel Pass valid?
The Swiss Travel Pass gives you unlimited travel on almost all trains, busses and boats.
Here you can find a map of the area of validity.

Which mountain excursions are included?
Trips up to Stanserhorn, Stoos Klewenalp, Brunni and Rigi are included in the Pass. You
receive a reduction of 50% on most of the others mountain trains and funiculars (Gornergrat, Titlis, Schilthorn, etc)

Is the Swiss Travel Pass valid on panoramic trains?
Yes, the ticket itself is valid on the respective route, however, seat reservations are
mandatory and must be purchased as well as potential class upgrades.

Which museums are included in the Swiss Travel Pass?
The Swiss Travel Pass gives you free entry into more than 500 museums. You can find the
complete list here.
Info: There is a 50% discount for the Museum of Transportation and the Swissminiatur in

What is the Swiss Travel Pass Youth?
The Swiss Travel Pass Youth is valid for those aged 16-25 years on the first day of travel and offers a 15% reduction on the normal adult price.  The Swiss Travel Pass Youth entitles you to all of the same benefits as the Swiss Travel Pass.


What is the Swiss Half Fare Card?

What is the difference between the Swiss Half Fare Card and the Swiss Travel Pass?
The Swiss Half Fare Card entitles you to 50% discount on the whole boat, rail and Postbus network in Switzerland. An additional ticket is needed if you wish to use public transport with the cities. Please ensure that you show your Swiss Half Fare Card together with any additional tickets if you are subject to an inspection at any time.

Will I get a discount on mountain railways or museum entrances?
Most mountain railways honour the 50% discount offered by your Swiss Half Fare Card. There is no reduction on museum entrances.

How long is the Swiss Half Fare Card valid for?
The Swiss Half Fare Card is valid for one month. It is not possible to extend this period.

Please be aware that the reduction offered can sometimes be less than 50% due to reserved minimum pricing (eg. short journeys, city transport networks).

What is the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?

What is the difference with the Swiss Travel Pass?
The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is a flexible pass that can be use within the time span of one
month. You can choose between 3, 4, 8, 15 days within one month. The validity starts from
your selected start date for one month (example: 15.08. – 14.08.2019).

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is now also available as an e-ticket.

How does the Swiss Travel Pass Flex work?
Your selected travel dates must be activated under For each
activated travel date, you receive a valid ticket for the day.

Do I have to print the ticket for the Swiss Travel Pass Flex?
No, there is no need to print it. It can be shown on your mobile phone.

Can I change travel tickets on the travel day?
Each travel day must be activated the latest before travelling. An activated ticket cannot be
changed anymore on the travel date.

What is a Swiss Family Card?

What is the benefit of the Swiss Family Card?
Children under 16 years of age travel free of charge throughout Switzerland as long as they
are accompanied by a parent holding a Swiss Travel System ticket. Children that travel with
their grandparents (without the parents) cannot use this ticket. However, they receive a 50%
discount on all Swiss Travel System products.
Even for mountain excursions children travel for free.

How do I obtain the Swiss Family Card?
At least one parent has to be a holder of a Swiss Travel System Ticket. The Swiss Family
Card can be added for free while purchasing a ticket. The Swiss Family Card is also almost
at all ticketing counters of the SBB as well as at international sales points available for free.

Do children not travel for free?
Children under the age of 6 can travel for free when accompanied by an adult that holds a
valid ticket (also for mountain excursions).